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The Sudden Unforeseen Stop and Roadside Emergencies   Introduction Our safety on the road is not only determined by our own behaviour, but also by the behaviour of other road users. Unfortunately, there are also sometimes others targeting road users with criminal activities. We find several... Read more

To Ride or Not to Ride a Motorcycle? 10 Important questions   Introduction The Arrive Alive online initiative seeks to increase road safety awareness and reduce the carnage on our roads. We report on road crashes and offer recommendations and advice on how these crashes can be prevented. In recent... Read more

Safe Driving in Strong Winds     Introduction A rather small part of road crashes can be blamed on environmental factors. Driver error and the inability to adjust driving to different road and weather conditions are however significant contributors to road... Read more

Truck Driver Fatigue and Alertness on the Road   Introduction to Driver Alertness and the Safety of Truck Drivers South Africa has the 10th largest road network in the world and truck drivers are transporting large quantities of cargo along long distances on these roads. How do they... Read more