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RoadCover Cycling Team lays foundation for possible international future for Kent Main          It is with mixed emotions that RoadCover announces that Kent Main, RoadCover Tour of Good Hope winner, will be joining the Dimension Data Continental Cycling Team.   Kent Main’s steady rise to prominence... Read more

Safety on the Road when Responding to an Emergency Call   Introduction With so much crime and road crashes across South Africa daily, we need to consider the challenges facing our first responders. Do they manage to provide a response that is fast and effective while safe not only for other road... Read more

  Safe Driving and Sharing and Changing Lanes   Introduction Changing lanes is a simple movement from one lane to another on roads with two or more lanes in the same direction. Road users change lanes to overtake another vehicle, to... Read more

The Sudden Unforeseen Stop and Roadside Emergencies   Introduction Our safety on the road is not only determined by our own behaviour, but also by the behaviour of other road users. Unfortunately, there are also sometimes others targeting road users with criminal activities. We find several... Read more