Defensive Driving and Making Roads Safer

  The biggest cause of road crashes in South Africa is driver error. It is generally accepted that 85-90% of road crashes can be attributed to driver error. This includes not only...

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Pedestrian Safety in South Africa

    Pedestrian fatalities remain a major concern for road safety and health authorities – especially in middle and lower income countries.   The Arrive Alive Website...

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Safe Driving and Towing a Trailer Safely

    Introduction to trailers and safer driving in South Africa In many recent crash reports a trailer is found somewhere on or near the crash scene. Surveys confirm that...

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Equipment Used By Emergency Medical Services

On the page titled "A Day in the Life of an Advanced Life- Support Paramedic" we gained important insights pertaining to the work that our first responders do. We decided to follow this...

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Learner Motorcyclist – Do we Test effectively?

  With increased fuel prices and traffic congestion we find more and more motorcyclists on our roads and in city traffic. We unfortunately also receive many reports of road crashes...

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