Trail Running and Safety

Introduction Not every runner remains satisfied with the usual run on the treadmill or on the road. Many have discovered the beauty of a change in scenery and the challenges of variation in...

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Group Rides and Motorcycle Safety

Group Rides and Motorcycle Safety Introduction Many bikers enjoy the beautiful scenery of South Africa with fellow bikers. The “breakfast run” has become a regular sight on our road....

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EcoMobility World Festival 2015

Pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users will be put first during the EcoMobile World Festival 2015 Public transport, cyclists and pedestrians will be given preference on the...

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Rights and Obligations when stopped by a Traffic Officer

Motorists Rights & Responsibilities in Roadblocks plus the status of AARTO and the points-demerit system Following repeated requests for clarification arising from the receipt of emails...

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Car Rental and Consequences of a Crash with the Car Rental Vehicle

  Introduction On the Arrive Alive website we offer advice and suggestions on Car Rental and Safe Driving and focus on safety aspects to consider when choosing the car hire...

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