‘Mal & Pals’ Charitable Foundation has been formed to serve as a central depot for the collection and distribution of foodstuffs as well as secondhand clothing, furniture, appliances, linen, books and bric-a-brac which can still be put to good use by those not as privileged as ourselves.

‘Mal’ has been involved in such activity for the last ten years. Together with the help of dedicated enthusiastic volunteers. ‘Mals & Pals’ have opted to carry on with these activities to ensure the continued provision of much needed commodities to existing and other beneficiaries on an ongoing basis.

Our Objectives

To collect and distribute all reusable items on behalf of the other charities and thereby assist in reducing the need for very large volumes of foodstuffs, clothing, furniture, appliances, bedding, linen and other relevant items. A few causes we have been supporting lately are:

  • The Celebration Church Foundation for abused and abandoned kids ( +- 300 kids)
  • Jordon House, a home for the Aged, which care for over 85 sickly and aged individuals.
  • The Nyeledi Children’s Home for abused and abandoned HIV orphans (+-250 kids)
  • Hope International, an organization which runs numerous soup kitchens in Soweto and surrounding areas.
  • Magical Moments, a center providing treats for underprivileged children.
  • Footprint Children’s Home for abused and abandoned kids ( +- 150 kids)

For any enquirers Please feel free to contact  Mal and Pals on 0836752160

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate then ourselves. Our intention is to assist with as many charities as possible over the longer term to help uplift and brighten the lives of those we are able to reach.

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