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We are all aware that our roads take a pounding from heavy traffic and changing weather patterns which causes wear and tear and thus the dreaded “Pothole” has become a nasty reality for all of us. The unfortunate reality is that the authorities that manage the roads are stretched in terms of resources and funding and thus these potholes often take a long time to get fixed, if at all. As tax payers we have the right to expect more, however we don’t have a clear channel to address this problem.



 How does it work?

In the event that you are involved in an incident with a pothole, you have the opportunity to claim from the relevant roads agency concerned. This process can be tedious, time consuming and without legal assistance, potentially impossible.


Top 5 reasons to join PotholeCover

  • No more worrying about costs of mag, rim or tyre repairs!
  • No loss of no claim bonus!
  • No excess!
  • Full legal advice and assistance to claim!
  • Full claims management from initiation to completion!


Claims Process

The process to claim varies for each agency so in order to ensure compliance we will request all relevant information from you.

• We will submit your claim to the applicable Road Agency and liaise with them from start to settlement.

• Continuous follow up with the relevant road agencies to facilitate speedy settlement

• Regular feedback on status of your claim


For the duration of the claim, you receive:

  • Complete management of the claims process to obtain maximum possible compensation for tyres, wheel rims and mags damaged as a result of potholes or roadworks in SA;
  • Free case management and claim settlement facilitation with all the relevant roads management authorities;
  • Proactive follow-ups to make sure potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents;
  • 100% of all payouts from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you.