Safety Tips

  1. Do not use your mobile phone whilst driving
  2. Always wear your seatbelt even when driving a short distance
  3. Do not drive after consuming  alcohol or drugs
  4. Make sure your driver’s license is valid and always have it with you when driving
  5. Always make sure your motor vehicle has been insured and that you are a current and up to date member of RoadCover
  6. Be aware of other road users such as motorcycles, trucks and cyclists.
  7. Be an educated driver and passenger. Do not obtain your driver’s license illegally or drive with any illegal drivers or in any un-roadworthy vehicles.
  8. Don’t succumb to Road Rage. Relax, and keep your cool.
  9. Comply with the speed limits – Remember, speeding kills.
  10. Be vigilant on the roads during the festive season i.e. Christmas, and Easter weekend.
  11. When towing a caravan or a trailer, motorists should ensure that the caravan’s wheels and bearings are well serviced and in tip-top condition.