What Can RoadCover Do For You?

Because there is no cash outlay at any time, the membership protects the victim from the costs of lodging a claim against the RAF. At the end of the claim period, individuals receive the FULL benefit of the RAF payment, with no hidden deductions. In addition, RoadCover undertakes to do all administrative management of the claim from start to finish.

For the duration of the claim, the individual receives:

  • Legal representation;
  • Administration and claims management;
  • Accident reconstruction;
  • Required medico-legal reports;
  • Required actuarial reports;
  • Past and future loss of earnings reports;
  • Past and future loss of support reports.


This results in:

  • The claimant receiving the full amount of money;
  • Halving of the claim period;
  • Reduction in fraudulent claims.

The RoadCover service offering should be seen in close conjunction with having vehicle insurance, Accident insurance, Travel insurance, life insurance and Disability insurance.  All of these must be taken into consideration.

A Cycling SA member: Passionate about cycling

RoadCover provides CyclingSA members an incredible offering.  For all those who take out RoadCover policies.  Riding safely is a proactive way to cycle. However if something were to happen to you whilst riding,  we believe that there are significant benefits to being a member of RoadCover.  Proceeds from the RoadCover fee are used specifically for cycling Safety and Advocacy Programmes – such as supporting Right2Ride.

Ten Commandments of the Right 2 Ride

1.   You Shall Respect the RIGHT 2 RIDE
2.   You Shall Obey the RULES of the ROAD
3.   You Shall Always wear your HELMET
4.   You Shall CARRY ID
5.   You shall Make yourself VISIBLE
6.   You Shall Ride SINGLE FILE on Narrow, Busy Roads
7.   You Shall NEVER be more than 2 ABREAST
8.   You Shall Expect NOT to be SEEN – Make EYE CONTACT
9.   You Shall RESPECT other ROAD USERS
10. You Shall Not LITTER

Bicycles are vehicles!  Whether for transportation, recreation or sport, bicycles are cyclists are out on the roads and they have a right to be there! Remember, mutual respect and consideration make for safer and more enjoyable travel.  Always acknowledging a courtesy does make a difference.