Below is a draft example of Member terms & conditions that act as a guide to ROADGUARD. The full terms & conditions will need to be agreed by both parties ensuring expectations are in line.

  • ROADGUARD is a product that provides you with a national, mobile, armed response unit, dispatched to you if you experience a roadside breakdown or accident and feel unsafe.
  • For you to have access to the ROADGUARD service , you need to be subscribed for the service and in an emergency you will contact the 24hr crisis center via one of the following ways
  • Telephone number 0861 444 442
  • Panic Button/USSD string: *120*15553*004#
  • Once connected to the Crisis center the SERVICE PROVIDER will ask you the nature of your emergency, dispatch the ROADGUARD directly to your location, and facilitate the dispatch of other services you may require.


  • The ROADGUARD will be deployed only in circumstances where you experience a roadside breakdown or accident, and you feel unsafe.
  • The ROADGUARD is not to be used for events, which do not relate to a roadside breakdown or accident, or for third parties who are not subscribed to the Services. A ROADGUARD will not be dispatched to your home, secure office park, complex, shopping center, restaurants or any other safe public area or for any other reason.



  • At the scene of a roadside breakdown or accident, the ROADGUARD primary function is to protect you from danger. The ROADGUARD is not obliged to act as an escort, provide transport or perform any other roadside duty unless there are extenuating circumstances, which will be in the discretion of the ROADGUARD.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances as provided in 4.1and you require any other act by the ROADGUARD which is outside their primary function of protection (by way of example changing a tyre, jump starting the vehicle, minor roadside assistance or escort), you accept full liability and you will not hold ROADGUARD or the ROADCOVER or any ROADGUARD associate, employee or director liable for any claim for damages or loss, whether or not due to negligence.



  • The ROADGUARD will wait with you until your roadside service provider arrives.
  • If you do not have a roadside service, or if you do not request roadside services at the scene of a breakdown, the ROADGUARD will stay with you for a maximum of 90 sixty minutes.  During this time, you need to make alternative arrangements in order for you to be escorted to safety or for your vehicle to be repaired.



  • ROADGUARD are experienced and well-trained individuals who have the skills and knowledge to protect you in dangerous situations. The majority of the ROADGUARD personnel have many years of expertise in the security and protection field.
  • ROADGUARD will always be professional, friendly and sensitive to your needs and concerns, and will take the necessary action to protect you and make you feel safe.
  • ROADGUARD have basic first aid skills and carry a small first aid pack within their vehicle, which can be used in an emergency.



  •  At the time of publication of these Terms and Conditions, ROADGUARD has access to just under 147 reaction units, which consist of a minimum of two highly trained personnel. These guards cover 103 towns, cities and suburbs within South Africa:



  • ROADCOVER undertakes that, if you are in an unsafe area and request a ROADGUARD to assist you we are committed to finding and protecting you as soon as possible.
  • The ROADGUARD will be deployed to the location generated from your cell phone signal. The crisis center will confirm your location with you to pinpoint your position in order for the ROADGUARD to find and protect you.
  • As soon as your location is confirmed with the crisis center, ROADGUARD will be dispatched to that location should the claim be confirmed to be valid and ROADGUARD has established that a ROADGUARD is required.



The following table indicates the expected arrival times of the ROADGUARD:

Your distance from the nearest suburb, town or city listed above ROADGUARD  expected arrival time
0-50 km Within 30 minutes
51-100 km 31-60 Minutes
101 km+ As soon as possible


  • The above arrival times depend on your distance from the suburbs, towns and cities listed above. We will use our best endeavor’s to meet the expected time of arrival 100% of the time.
  • If you are more than 101km from the nearest suburb, town or city listed in Table A we are completely committed to finding you as soon as possible, but we cannot commit to a timeframe. The Crisis center will provide an estimated time of arrival to you once they have confirmed your location.
  • THE Crisis center uses your cellphone network to pinpoint your location. In some circumstances, your location may not be recognized by Crisis center due to potential failures on the cell phone provider networks. ROADGUARD does not accept any liability or responsibility for any failure in regard to locating the Member. However, the crisis center will use all their best endeavors to locate you via other methods such as asking the Member a series of questions about their journey to pinpoint their location.
  • The member has the responsibility to inform the crisis center if you move from the confirmed location during a claim. Failure to provide this information may mean that the ROADGUARD may be unable to locate you and will be delayed.
  • If the member is not at the confirmed location, the ROADGUARD will search the area to find you. The crisis center will call you and send an SMS to try to confirm the exact location. However, if you do not respond to either the phone calls or SMS then the ROADGUARD will stay in the area for no longer than 15 minutes.  If the ROADGUARD cannot locate you, or if there has been no further response from you, the ROADGUARD will return to his base location.
  • Whilst our goal is to arrive within the committed time frames to protect you, there are certain circumstances beyond our control, which can prevent or delay the ROADGUARD arriving within that time such as adverse weather conditions, acts of God, adverse road conditions, heavy traffic, roadside accidents or cellular network coverage. However, the crisis center will inform you of the expected arrival time throughout.



  • ROADGUARD will use any means reasonably necessary to protect you and the passengers in your vehicle from harm. However, ROADGUARD cannot guarantee you or your passengers’ safety, or prevent you from suffering any loss, injury or damage of whatsoever nature and however arising.
  • ROADGUARD shall not be liable to you or the passengers in your vehicle or any third party for any direct or indirect (including consequential) damages that may be suffered in the performance or non-performance of the Services,



  • You may utilize the Service 3 (three) times in a 12 (twelve) month rolling period, after which you will be charged an additional fee, which fee will be communicated to you by ROADCOVER
  • Should you misuse the service, not limited to the following scenarios below, a refusal of service may result and a cancelation of your membership.
  • You lied about your circumstances and the call out was not linked to a roadside breakdown or accident.
  • You were not at the location when the guards arrived and did not communicate any change in circumstances which resulted in the ROADGUARD being dispatched unnecessarily