Tips From ArriveAlive

It’s a few weeks into the new year and it looks as if everything is going well. In 2012 our mission is to help educate more people on the rules of the road and have them more aware of what to do if in a tricky situation. Young or old, no matter your age there is always time to learn. For quick daily updates follow Roddy on Twitter – he will answer all of your questions and concerns that you may have.

Another partner of RoadCover’s who are just as committed to helping the South African road users is ArriveAlive. Their dedication for so many years is admirable. We’ve taken our favorite tips off their website and compiled a list below for you to see.

  • Drive a roadworthy vehicle
  • Check the windscreen, wipers and water in the windscreen wiper bottle
  • Be prepared for bad weather
  • Following distance should be increased in bad weather
  • Be patient! Rather slow down!
  • If you can’t see – Don’t drive
  • Remember that puddles can hide dangerous potholes
  • Use your headlights and beware of other drivers

Remember to always be careful when driving on the road, especially if you have children who are passengers.

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