RoadCover has formed a strategic socio-economic partnership with SA Taxi to ensure that taxipreneurs who are insured by SA Taxi and operate minibus taxis receive no-fee Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims assistance from RoadCover if they or their passengers are injured in a road accident caused by another negligent driver.

Since the inception of RoadCover, one of our main objectives has been to give our clients the professional assistance they need that says We Care, whether you are a direct RoadCover member or access our services through an affiliated partner.

SA Taxi provides funding to entrepreneurs who operate minibus taxis who would otherwise be unable to obtain credit from traditional banks, thereby contributing to creating jobs and enhancing the safety of public transportation in South Africa.

The taxi industry transports 70% of South African commuters daily. The foundation of South Africa’s economy is getting people from point A to point B safely. This partnership aids taxi owners and their passengers in getting access to RoadCover’s no-fee Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims assistance service.

This new partnership arose from SA Taxi’s desire to differentiate its insurance offering and provide value to its clients, as well as the millions of ordinary South Africans who rely on taxis for transportation. The win-win solutions offered by RoadCover, such as income opportunities for our partners from our commercial revenue-sharing model, the ability to differentiate their offering, and enhanced engagement with their customers when they communicate RoadCover’s value-added benefits, spoke to what SA Taxi was looking for, and thus a partnership was formed.

“We are always looking to extend our RAF Assist product penetration in the market. The more people we have under our banner, the more we can positively influence the lives of those unfortunate South Africans who are injured on our roads due to the negligence of another driver,” says Riaan van Straaten, Managing Director at RoadCover.

Given the strength of both RoadCover and SA Taxi, this collaboration is a natural fit for what both entities are looking to achieve, which is to be able to make a difference in the lives of South African taxipreneurs and their passengers.

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