Auto Defender

Currently when a vehicle has an accident and is not insured the person will face numerous issues from towing and storage costs to not knowing what to do with the vehicle.

We believe we have solved this problem, with a first of its kinds type of bundled service offering.

The Primary Benefits of being an Auto Defender Member:

  • If there is an accident, we will organize a tow from the scene of the accident to our nearest storage facility.
  • The vehicle will be stored at no charge for 7 working days at our facilities.
  • Once the vehicle is in storage, we will arrange that a qualified and approved accident assessment report is done and sent out to our panel of repairers.
  • The repairers will send through a quote to repair the vehicle.
  • The customer will now have 4 options to decide what to do with the vehicle:
    1. If the customer is satisfied with the quote, we will organize vehicle repairs.
    2. If the customer can’t afford the repairs, we can arrange assistance to finance the repairs.
    3. If the customer doesn’t want to fix the vehicle, we can arrange the sale of the vehicle by our approved auction house.
    4. If the customer just wants to collect the vehicle as is, they can do that as well.

Additional Benefits of being an Auto Defender Member:

  • If the vehicle suffers a breakdown on the road, we offer roadside assistance where an emergency vehicle will come out to assist with your needs.
  • If during the accident the damage to the vehicle was caused by another driver, you are entitled to claim for the damages and we will assist with the legal recovery of funds that are owed to you.
  • If you need emergency transport from the scene of the accident, we will organise transport to the nearest hospital.
  • If there is a claim against Road Accident Fund due to injury or loss of income, we will manage this claim and assist the client to get their payout from the Road Accident Fund.
  • You will also receive R5000 Funeral plan.

Rewards program on offer to all Auto Defender Members:

  • 42% discount on all Bridgestone and Firestone tyres through SupaQuick.
  • 20% discount on all Sabat and Willard batteries through SupaQuick.
  • 50% discount on all Monroe shocks through Supaquick.

Procedures of Service:

  • If you require your vehicle to be towed and/or emergency transport you or a person on your behalf, such as family member following the accident, need to notify and register your claim by contacting us on our 24-hour emergency contact number 011 801 0007.
  • You or the person activating the Services on your behalf, will be requested to provide your membership number/ID number.
  • If you require any other assistance relating to the product, such as claiming rewards please contact the same number 011 801 0007.

Service Limitations:

  • The service applies for the main member only.
  • The service is only available where the incidents occur within the boarders RSA.
  • There is no guarantee on any payments to any service providers if Auto Defender are not made aware of the accident immediately as it happens. If another towing company conducts the tow, we will not be liable for any costs. The Member will be liable for all expenses on claims that are invalid.
  • Accidents need to be reported immediately on 011 801 0007.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Auto Defender shall send your membership card to the address you provided.
  2. Auto Defender is available for any person who has reached the age of 18 years or older.
  3. Auto Defender requires the client to have a valid driving license.
  4. Auto Defender will under no circumstances whatsoever cover any of the costs associated with your vehicle being towed by an unauthorized tower that has not been allocated by Auto Defender.
  5. The Services of Auto Defender are limited to utilizing the relevant service providers to facilitate your journey through this product. Auto Defender is not liable for any errors that arise due to the customer not following the correct procedures.

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