Fines Assist

Traffic fines management

What is Fines Assist?

Fines Assist is a RoadCover service that provides a comprehensive monthly report on all your outstanding traffic fines, with the option to settle them at one convenient online pay point.

As a South African road user you are legally required to settle all outstanding traffic fines in your name. Unpaid fines result in financial penalties, the inability to renew vehicle licences, or may even lead to an arrest. Currently, traffic fines are sent via the post. With no other notification system, digital or otherwise, the responsibility falls on the recipient to remain pro-actively updated on any unpaid fines.

Unfortunately, there is no central government or provincial authority that can provide a complete listing, or receive payment, for all outstanding fines. Paying fines in South Africa is therefore a complex process, especially across provinces.

Aware of this pain point for South African road users, RoadCover developed Fines Assist, an all-inclusive traffic fine management service that leverages our strong relationships with licensing departments across the country.

How does Fines Assist work?

As part of the Fines Assist benefit, we provide a comprehensive monthly report, including applicable discounts, of all traffic fines you owe in over 250 municipalities across all nine provinces in South Africa.

You can select directly from the interactive report which of the outstanding fines you’d like to settle. That takes you to an online pay point with a variety of payment options (credit or debit card, SnapScan, Zapper, or EFT), where you can settle all outstanding fines in one place. Once the payment has cleared, your consultant settles the fines with the relevant provincial departments on your behalf, then provides you with proof of the settlement for your reference.

In addition to the hassle-free convenience of paying your outstanding traffic fines on time and at a single pay point, this service qualifies you to save up to 20% on fines over R300.

How to get started

If you are a RoadCover member with this benefit, you will be automatically activated and receive your first report within five business days, and a monthly report thereafter.

If you have any queries, please contact our toll-free number on 087 092 9602.

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