Legal Assist

Legal advice, plus assistance with arrests, contracts and litigation

What is Legal Assist?

Legal Assist is a service that could save you thousands in legal fees with legal advice and assistance with contracts or litigation via phone or email, or in-person help with an arrest.

Legal assistance is often complex and costly to procure, especially when the fees begin adding up. Whether you need legal advice, assistance with drafting a contract, help with in-court litigation, or even require emergency bail after an arrest, you deserve affordable, professional assistance from a legal expert who cares.

Our lawyers have walked alongside many of our RoadCover members during the difficult and painful aftermath of a road accident, and have grown into a compassionate team who are committed to care over contingency fees. As such, we have access to legal advisors who are perfectly positioned to provide telephonic advice to our members with the level of professionalism and care you have come to expect from RoadCover.

Building on our legal team’s success with other RoadCover services, we developed Legal Assist to provide our members with affordable legal cover and expert advice at the cost of a nominal monthly fee.

How does Legal Assist work?

Our lawyers are available telephonically or via email during work hours to advise you on legal matters at home, work, or with your finances, as well as with drafting or helping you understand legal contracts and documents. They will refer one of our panel attorneys at a negotiated reduced rate if you need in-court representation, with regular follow-ups from our legal team.

Receive expert telephonic legal advice on the following:

  • Civil Law
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Professionally drafted contracts relating to travel, vehicle ownership and finance, insurance, and other frequently used contracts.
  • Purchase and sale agreements, contracts of employment, acknowledgement of debt, a basic will, CCMA assistance, child maintenance, and unopposed divorce documentation.

If you or anyone registered on your plan is arrested, you can contact a criminal lawyer on our 24/7 Emergency Bail Line, and they will provide in-person assistance with Police Bail at the station.*

*Early release is dependent on it being a first-time offence of a less serious nature.

How to get legal advice

  • Contact 087 092 9602 from Monday to Friday from 08h30 to 16h30, for legal advice
  • Contact 087 092 9602 24/7 for the Emergency Bail Line if you need assistance with an arrest

Please note that in order for our legal team to advise you effectively, you will be required to provide all relevant information, evidence, documents, contracts, and statements deemed necessary at their discretion.

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