MotorMed Assist

Private medical treatment for vehicle passengers injured in road accidents

What is MotorMed Assist?

MotorMed Assist is a service that provides you unlimited private accident injury treatment, including surgery, hospitalisation and rehabilitation if you are injured as a vehicle passenger in a road accident.

Having journeyed with many RoadCover members in the aftermath of a road accident, we are all too aware of the medical complications that may arise from related injuries. Private medical treatment can quickly become financially debilitating, and the alternative of public healthcare is often slow and cumbersome, with long waits at public hospitals and clinics, and sometimes repeat visits that don’t fully address the underlying medical issues from the injuries.

RoadCover leveraged years of experience with our RAF Assist product plus our extensive medical network to develop MotorMed Assist, a service for vehicle passengers injured during road accidents.

How does MotorMed Assist work?

If you are a MotorMed Assist member injured in an accident as a vehicle passenger, emergency services will take you to the closest hospital to be stabilised, after which we will facilitate transport to a networked facility for private medical treatment. Medical costs from surgery, hospitalisation and rehabilitation incurred at MotorMed-networked facilities can be recovered against the Road Accident Fund, and we will transfer your claim to the department who manages the payments between the private healthcare providers and the Road Accident Fund on your behalf.

With RoadCover helping you with the administration around your medical costs, you will be able to focus on recovery and healing from the after-effects of the accident and get back on your feet as soon as possible.

How to activate MotorMed Assist:

Contact the 24-hour emergency number on 0861 222 47873.

You will need to have the following available:

  • Your membership number
  • Accident report
  • Ambulance report and/or
  • Medical report

Once the MotorMed Assist consultant has the necessary treatment information, they will arrange your transfer to a private medical facility and begin the RAF claims process with our relevant internal department. Should you require further treatment or rehabilitation, your consultant will manage that until you have fully recovered.

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