What our customers have to say

Read some stories from RoadCover customers who have expressed their gratitude for the professional and sympathetic service they received during a very difficult time in their lives.

When Susan Belcher began commuting to work by motorbike in 2008, she joined RoadCover in the knowledge that she could someday be the recipient of a car on bike accident but hoping that unfortunate day would never come!

“In 2018 I was the victim of a reckless driver on the freeway. Unfortunately, that resulted in a prolapsed disc in my lower spine (amongst other injuries) which my medical insurance refused to cover, as too much time had passed while I tried every non-invasive treatment I could afford.

Looking at a very expensive spine fusion procedure, I polished off My RoadCover Membership and contacted you for advice. Here is where your professionalism and service really began to shine. I am fully aware that claiming from the Road Accident Fund is a time-consuming, tricky and nearly impossible task to bring to a happy conclusion.

With your help and expertise, I can expect a payout next year, which will enable me to retire earlier than expected if my continuing back problems call for it. Also, cover of any additional medical bills (pertaining to the accident).

Thank you for answering my regular inquiries immediately; and guiding me through of every step of the process. All this without any cost to myself, due to my Road Accident Cover!

I really wanted to thank Marlene and RoadCover, not only for your hard work, but for believing in your client. I think if the justice system had more attorneys like you, there would be more success stories to talk about.”

I am pleased that we are part of such a great organisation

Andrew Avontuur’s daughter was involved in a near-fatal accident in January 2013 that “changed the trajectory of my family, and I am thankful to RoadCover who came on board and made a very difficult journey less traumatic.”

Andrew thanked Farzaana and Corné of RoadCover for their “patience, extreme thoughtfulness, and generosity with time and effort.” He commented on the timeous scheduling of all doctor and specialist appointments who attended his daughter in her “critical time of need,” and that “it was truly wonderful to receive such care in the service offered by RoadCover during the entire ordeal.”

Andrew expressed gratitude for the significant amount they saved in legal fees, saying, “looking at these savings and the passion with which you treat your clients, I am pleased that we are part of such a great organisation.”

“Service delivery” and “batho pele principles” are the golden words when conducting business

Captain Thagarajan Moodley of Marianhill SAPS expressed gratitude to our team members Farzaana and Charlotte who “personally attended to my case, and I must say the professionalism and manner in which they conducted themselves was overwhelming.”

Captain Moodley received 100% of the RAF payout and commended RoadCover for “the efficiency in their response and keeping me up to date with the progress of my case.”

The Captain’s parting words were “thank you and God bless, and remember ‘service delivery’ and ‘batho pele principles’ are the golden words when conducting business.”

The daunting RAF processes were made simple and easily manageable

Ann Roodt received a call that every parent dreads in October 2017—her son Keanan had been hit by a car while cycling, and had broken both bones in his lower left leg. Their medical aid authorised the necessary hospital care and medical procedures, but insisted that they open a case with the RAF.

“Grace and Marlene provided valuable assistance and guidance throughout the process, from the submitting of necessary forms and managing the processes with the RAF, to setting up specialist appointments and collaboration with the medical aid provider.” RoadCover also had numerous consultations with Keanan until the claim was finalised with the RAF.

In her thank you letter, Ann said, “the daunting RAF processes were made simple and easily manageable with the assistance of Grace and Marlene. I would strongly recommend making use of their services.”

The savings in lawyer’s fees will make a big difference in my life

Moses Kiyingi was delivering food for Uber Eats when he was involved in an accident that badly injured his hand, which remains only partially functional.

Uber Eats covers their drivers with RoadCover, so when our team member Francois van Zyl called him in hospital to say he would manage the RAF claim on his behalf, Moses was relieved. “I was very happy as I had heard that other lawyers take 25% of the claims as part of their legal fees. Any savings in lawyer’s fees will make a big difference in my life.”

Moses expressed his gratitude in a letter to RoadCover saying “thank you to all those people at RoadCover and Uber who have been involved in my case with the Road Accident Fund.”

It transformed my life on a level I never thought was possible

Sibusiso Zondo thanked RoadCover team members Grace and Marlene “from the deepest of my heart and the epicentre of my soul,” for sticking with him through years of a stressful case that he says “turned a nightmare into a good dream.”

He thanked RoadCover for resolving the claim with faithfulness and dedication and “for fighting with integrity—your efforts have made a long-lasting impact.” He added that the compensation “transformed my life on a level I never thought was possible. You have a special place in my heart forever.” Sibusiso concluded his letter by saying “if I was given a chance to rate you out of ten, I would give you fifteen out of 10!”

Sizwe Shamase wrote a letter to RoadCover team members Marlene and Grace to “say how grateful I am to have had you on this difficult, stressful journey, but with your assistance and guidance we made it.”

Sizwe commented particularly on “the kind professionalism you showed, especially when my medical aid could not cover my hospital expenses and you managed to get the bill settled.” The compensation Sizwe received “will certainly help me and my family to rebuild, and face the future with a smile.”

RoadCover was completely professional, leaving me to heal

Mark Thijs was in a horrific accident when a truck hit him while cycling. He was grateful for RoadCover’s professionalism in taking “the whole claim process on themselves and leaving me to heal.”

RoadCover exceeded Mark’s expectations during the claims process which “cost me nothing more and no percentage of my claim was taken. I was also sent for a range of medical tests in order to support my claim, at no additional cost.” He was particularly impressed that he received all of this for his minimal monthly RoadCover fee. “Due to RoadCover’s professional process, my claim was definitely the maximum that I could receive, with no deductions, and I would not have been able to achieve that without them. I highly recommend RoadCover.”

You truly know what it means to go the extra mile

Salome Walters, who is covered by the ABSA RoadCover Service, said that she had never before been so grateful for cover after her accident.

“I would like to take the opportunity to express my humble gratitude for your kind, constant and consistent assistance service I have been privileged to receive from you and your firm,” Salome wrote, in a heartfelt thank you letter to her RoadCover lawyer Farzaana, and department head Corné who assigned the case to Farzaana and backed Salome’s claim from the beginning.

She specifically mentioned the phenomenal savings in attorney fees as well as avoiding the “grief and utter disappointment of many people I know who claimed from the RAF on their own and eventually gave up the fight and walked away from their benefits.”

Salome commended Farzaana, saying, “You are one of the most pleasant and professional people I have had to deal with in a long time, and I commend you for your service. You truly know what it means to go the extra mile.”

She ended her letter by wishing Farzaana, Corné and our company “nothing but success upon success,” and looks forward to continue with the RoadCover journey. “I know it can only get better, and I really, really mean that.”