Why should I become part of the RoadCover family?

We know that the last thing you want to deal with after a road-related incident is a complex and time-consuming RAF process that doesn’t even end with full compensation. Not only can we take care of that for you, but we also offer a range of services that make it easy for you to get legal advice and roadside assistance, manage traffic fines, and renew vehicle license discs.

Whether you are a direct RoadCover member or access our services through an affiliated partner, you personally benefit from the relationships we’ve built with leading actuaries, medical practitioners, and related government and police agencies and institutions. This network is what enables us to cut through complex processes and, with our claims-related services, to get you the best possible outcome.

The fact remains that when you need it the most, you want someone to give you professional assistance that says We Care.

Corporate Partnerships

A family of over one million

Over one million customers of our affiliated partners have joined the RoadCover family and benefit from our caring approach. We fulfill RoadCover services on behalf of our partners who either sell our white-labelled solutions as part of their offering or integrate our products seamlessly into their policies.

Our partners range across industries that include some of the largest banks and insurance companies in South Africa, so we have built our integration models to have minimal impact on our partner’s backend systems and processes. RoadCover’s systems and processes are rigorously tested for compliance against prevailing regulations such as the POPI act given our close association with large financial institutions that are subject to stringent regulatory and legal requirements.

Win-win solutions

This partner-led business model has been successful because of the win-win solutions we offer. These include income opportunities for our partners from our commercial revenue-sharing model, the ability to differentiate their offering, and enhanced engagement with their customers when they communicate RoadCover’s value-added benefits.

A partner can choose to embed our offering into their product, or our established Direct Marketing Team will market directly to their customer base, with the opportunity to white label the RoadCover offering.

Regardless of whether our service offering is sold on a stand-alone basis or embedded directly into our partner’s product, our caring and professional assistance often reflects well on them. It has the effect of increasing their customers’ loyalty and becoming an effective selling point for their brand.

Everyone can be part of the RoadCover family

In addition to their customers, our partners can also opt to cover their employees with RoadCover services.

No matter who you are, you can be a part of the RoadCover family and receive professional help from a team that cares about you.

No-fee Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims assistance

As a RoadCover member, you are eligible to claim as long as you aren’t 100% responsible for the accident.

Claims assistance for a pothole-damaged vehicle

If the tyres, mags or wheel rims of your or your spouse’s vehicle are damaged from directly hitting a pothole on South African roads, a RoadCover lawyer will manage your claim.

Assistance with car license disc renewals

As a RoadCover member, you benefit from the relationships we’ve built with various vehicle licensing departments in South Africa by receiving efficient and hassle-free car license renewal assistance.

Legal advice, plus assistance with arrests, contracts and litigation

Your RoadCover membership could save you thousands in legal fees by giving you access to telephonic or email-based legal advice and assistance with contracts or litigation, and in-person help with an arrest.

Traffic fines management

As part of the Fines Assist service, you are eligible to save up to 20% on fines over R300. We provide a comprehensive monthly report of all traffic fines you owe in over 250 municipalities, across all nine provinces in South Africa.

Emergency roadside assistance

A roadside emergency is an unexpected and unpleasant experience that requires immediate and urgent assistance to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle’s occupants or to limit, minimise or prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Private medical treatment for vehicle passengers injured in road accidents

MotorMed Assist is a service that provides you unlimited private accident injury treatment, including surgery, hospitalisation and rehabilitation if you are injured as a vehicle passenger in a road accident.