There has to be an easier way

When Eugene Beck, creator of RoadCover, got on his bike one morning in the year 2000, he didn’t know that a whole new journey was about to begin. He was hit by a car while cycling, breaking his collarbone in an accident that immersed him in the costly and tedious process of claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

Four years later he was finally paid by the RAF but only received half of what was due to him after he paid his legal fees. He became convinced that there was an easier and more efficient way to claim from the Road Accident Fund, and with that, RoadCover was born.

His personal, painful experience was the driving force behind RoadCover’s foundational principle of “We Care”. His vision for providing this care was twofold: simplifying the complicated process of claiming from the RAF and ensuring full compensation with no additional fees.

Can I take care of that for you?

Today, RoadCover has grown from the original no-fee RAF claims process to include a range of services that assist our members with various time-consuming processes, and there are no additional fees hidden in the nominal monthly membership fee.

We have the kind of team members who have been there from day one when RoadCover was established in 2004. This makes us more of a family than a business, with care woven into the very fabric of who we are.

Growth and innovation

In 2016, Transaction Capital saw the strategic value of our relationships with many banks and insurance companies in South Africa, and decided to acquire a majority stake in RoadCover, completing the acquisition in 2021.

RoadCover is now 100% owned by Transaction Capital who is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Being part of a listed entity gives us the opportunity to expand with new, innovative services to more South Africans who can benefit from our amazing company culture.